LeafyPack, an innovator in packaging automation technologies, has announced its partnership with KindPack®, a leader in flexible packaging solutions. Together, LeafyPack and KindPack® are introducing the industry’s first Lease-to-Own Program, a revolutionary solution designed to transform cannabis operations by making packaging automation more accessible than ever before.

The Lease-to-Own Program eliminates the traditional barriers to upgrading packaging equipment. With zero upfront costs, no involvement of financial institutions, and no lengthy waiting periods to qualify, the process is streamlined to deliver the automation operators need, when they need it.

“We're thrilled with the announcement of our new partnership with KindPack® and the launch of the industry’s first lease-to-own program. We're creating something truly innovative that will change the perception of how businesses approach automating their packaging production lines,” said Jonathan Ballard, Vice President of Business Development at LeafyPack. “We aim to be a catalyst for sustainable growth driven solutions in cannabis manufacturing, this needs to extend beyond our own high efficiency equipment offerings. Automation is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. One that we believe should be accessible to more business owners across the industry. This partnership and program does just that.”

From small-scale operations looking to upgrade manual processes to large MSOs aiming to enhance their automation, the Lease-to-Own Program provides the key to unlocking capital equipment without tapping into hard-earned cash reserves, preserving cannabis manufacturers’ financial flexibility while propelling their business forward.

“We are dedicated to making high quality, domestically produced, flexible packaging while providing hassle-free access to packaging automation,” said Don Josefchuk, Marketing Manager at KindPack®. “Partnering with LeafyPack allows us to leverage their expertise in automation technologies to provide cost-effective packaging solutions with the unique Lease-to-Own equipment program that eliminates upfront capital investment. The combination yields a full system solution to optimize the financial and operational efficiencies that cannabis manufacturers require.”

LeafyPack and KindPack®'s packaging solutions range from single components to complete end-to-end system solutions. From pre-packaging conveying, to weighing, to case erecting, and robotic packing at the end of the line—the Lease-to-Own Program includes machines such as, The RotoBagger, an advanced premade pouch machine, Flow Pack Series Machines, specifically designed to flow pack a variety of edibles, and the Stick Pack Machine, a granular filler perfect for medium-volume production.  

About LeafyPack

LeafyPack specializes in a comprehensive range of automated cannabis packaging solutions for the legal cannabis industry, from pre-roll automation, jar filling, and bagging to labeling, cartoning, and case packing. These advanced systems are designed not only to streamline the packaging process but also to enhance efficiency and reduce operational costs for cannabis producers. 

With a focus on innovation and sustainability, LeafyPack’s solutions are tailored to meet the unique regulatory and operational needs of the cannabis market, ensuring that their clients save time and resources while boosting their bottom line. The company’s commitment to quality and customer service has solidified its position as a trusted partner for cannabis businesses aiming to optimize their production capabilities and comply with stringent industry standards.

About KindPack®

KindPack® flexible packaging is a leading provider of packaging solutions, specializing in packaging for cannabis and hemp products. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, KindPack® is committed to delivering high-quality, domestically produced packaging solutions that optimize source of supply and enhance operational efficiency for customers.