Spice specialist Green Saffron worked with integrated brand design agency Blue Marlin (www.bluemarlinbd.com) to develop a complete branding platform. The range includes five varieties of dry spice blends, three sauces, and an award-winning specialty line.

Green Saffron is the passion project of entrepreneur Arun Kapil, whose ambition is to bring the freshest, highest-grade whole spices straight from the farms of India to the consumer’s kitchen. Initially sold at farmers’ markets, the brand’s reputation grew rapidly, and it is now poised to join the mainstream at shelf.

As brand guardians throughout the project, the global agency’s London office was engaged to create a uniquely personal brand identity, develop strategic and visual positioning and design packaging. The fundamental challenge was to balance premium with accessibility and to clearly differentiate Green Saffron’s offering from competitors’ non-fresh products.

The approach focused on bringing to life the colorful story and sheer enthusiasm at the heart of the Green Saffron brand, while also communicating culinary expertise and integrity. With these aims in mind, the creative team landed the big idea of ‘Fresh Alchemy’, which guided their design solutions.

The packaging makes a bold statement with a spectrum of rich colors. The wonderfully eccentric character of the brand is expressed with quirky collages combining classic Victorian illustrations with vibrant fresh ingredients.

 “Arun’s boundless energy and impeccable expertise ultimately inspired our graphical approach, ‘expect the unexpected.’ The charming scenes represent the union of spices, which alchemize to create the distinctively fresh flavors of Green Saffron,” says Simon Pendry, Blue Marlin creative director.

 “I wanted to capture the attention of the consumer as well as their imagination. Green Saffron offers a whole new dimension of flavor, fun and innovation to cooking. The design reflects these goals in a fantastically delightful and unique way,” says Arun Kapil of Green Saffron

 Green Saffron debuted at the end of last year on shelves in Ireland. Blue Marlin continued their commitment to the brand in producing promotional materials, which also launched at the close of 2012.