Coffee Package brews coffee in pouchNature’s Coffee Kettle is a coffee brewing system for campers, hikers and coffee connoisseurs. Now their updated spouted pouch from Flair Flexible Packaging ( Nature’s Coffee Kettle better communicate their unique brewing method and the freshness of their custom-roasted gourmet coffee.

“The technology is clearly in the bag,” says Matt Hustedt, founder of Nature’s Coffee Kettle of Omaha, Nebraska. “Our customers brew 32 ounces of gourmet coffee when they are on-the-go. We needed a package that attracted not only outdoor enthusiasts, but people who really care about drinking delicious coffee.”

To use Nature’s Coffee Kettle, a user pours hot water into the pouch and through a proprietary self-contained filter pack filled with freshly roasted and ground coffee. After a few minutes, grasping a two-finger die-cut handle, he or she pours the drip-brewed coffee through a second spouted opening to fill his or her mug. The insulating properties of the custom engineered multilayer flexible pouch allow the user to safely handle the pouch even when boiling water is poured inside.

Nature’s Coffee Kettle packaging upgrades include new photo-quality full coverage graphics, an ergonomically improved die cut pour handle, curved corners and an enhanced coffee filter. “We make Nature’s Kettle in seven different coffee varieties, and all of our coffee is 100 percent Columbian and freshly roasted here in Omaha,” Hustedt says. “The portability of the package is unique, but what will keep customers coming back is the taste of our coffee. Now our packaging does double duty, as a kettle and a billboard.”

As packaging consultants, designers and producers, the team at Flair Flexible Packaging works with customers to determine flexible packaging designs to meet any given product’s size, temperature and usability requirements.