The Flexible Packaging Association’s ( Consumer Insights & Perceptions of Flexible Packaging Report, which was prepared for FPA by PTIS, a division of Havi Global Solutions Direct, LLC, discusses consumers’ perceptions of flexible packaging and how flexible packaging impacts consumers’ purchasing decisions.

The FPA Consumer Insights report offers qualitative data on what consumers consider positive packaging attributes (convenience, environmental friendliness, portability, visibility of content, freshness and aesthetics) across several product categories (dry food, household cleaning products, single serve beverages, and liquid foods). Details regarding the research methodology, full research analysis and findings, and opportunities to advance the use of flexible packaging across researched product categories are provided within the report.

Research findings show that:

- Flexible packaging has wide extendibility into diverse product categories for both first purchase and refill options.

- Recognized advantages of flexible packaging by consumers include, less material waste, resealability, product freshness, easy pour, visibility of product, and shelf impact.

- Consumers want packaging that aligns with the product, brand, occasion of use and their expectations.