Dynamic Conveyor will display the DynaClean™ line to the food processing industry at Process Expo in Chicago for the first time. The DynaClean food grade conveyor offers several benefits that amount to great savings.

Muskegon, MI – Exhibiting for the first time at Process Expo, DynaClean conveyors will be operating and staff will be available in Booth #5341 to answer questions about how the new line of food grade conveyors from Dynamic Conveyor can bring a quick return-on-investment to food processors.
Manufactured using plastic materials and minimal stainless-steel allows DynaClean conveyor systems to be competitively priced in the food processing market.  The food grade conveyor sidewalls are manufactured in a blue high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material.  HDPE is a durable plastic material that is approved by the FDA, USDA and NSF and is a commonly used cutting board material.  Being corrosion resistant, non-toxic, non-absorbent, temperature resistant, blue in color, and less costly than stainless steel makes the HDPE material an ideal choice.  
The patent pending design of the DynaClean conveyor allows for quick and easy cleaning and sanitation. Hand tools are not required to disassemble and reassemble the food processing conveyor; therefore, sanitation time and cross contamination from hand tools is greatly reduced.  Without the need for tools, components can be removed in a matter of minutes giving complete exposure to the inside of the system.  “The DynaClean is a very open design with no place for anything to hide and is much easier to clean.  We can do that with one person much faster than how we used to do that,” says Scott Thibault, President of J&M Foods in Little Rock, Arkansas.  “It is easy to break down, lift off the retaining walls, lift out the rollers, clean underneath it, pressure-wash it or dry wipe it and put it back together.  It takes half the time it did with the old system.”  
The conveyor design is simple with no mechanical belt tensioners, external bearings or need for lubrication.  DynaClean conveyors utilize a one-piece solid return roller that is bearing free.  Stand-offs and flange head bolts are used for easy cleaning access.  The drum style motor can be cleaned in much less time than a typical motor due to its smooth, stainless steel finish and the hermetically sealed and totally enclosed design.  
Environments that find it necessary to change their processes will benefit with DynaClean conveyors.  The DynaClean system allows conveyor components to be interchanged in order to create new conveyor configurations, such as angle changes or the ability to lengthen or shorten the conveyor, without compromising the integrity.  The versatility of the DynaClean allows for single, continuous conveyors to run straight, incline and/or decline while utilizing just one energy-efficient motor.   
Both ThermoDrive solid belting and modular plastic link style belting is available, including a choice of drive flights.  Belts are specified to meet the needs of wet, dry or sticky foods.  Two options of maintenance-free wash-down motors are also available and can be selected based on the desired ease of cleaning.
“The DynaClean is efficiently designed,” says Thibault. The patent pending design allows for savings to start with the initial investment and continue with short downtimes for cleaning, energy efficient maintenance-free motors and the ability for conveyor reconfiguration when needs change.
In business since 1991 in Muskegon, Michigan, Dynamic Conveyor has been a source of innovative custom conveyors for parts manufacturing.  With a line of plastic reconfigurable custom conveyors that allow for flexibility and sustainability, Dynamic Conveyor has been providing alternatives to traditional systems that cannot be modified without great expense.
For more information and a closer look at DynaClean conveyors, visit Booth #5341 at Process Expo.  After the show, call 1.800.640.6850 or visit www.DynamicConveyor.com for more information and to view videos.