Sausage not only has to be tasty, it also has to look tasty and, above all, be produced with top hygiene standards. This is just what the SV4800 clip system from Tipper Tie does with AVENTICS hygienically designed pneumatic components.

The SV4800 system forms a wide variety of sausage types. The diameters range from 45 to 160 mm and the system works with a broad spectrum of plastic, fiber, and collagen tube-shaped casings and is highly flexible for all applications. Quick casing changes, different filling density, and reliable U clip technology ensure efficiency, as well as hygienic and, of course, tasty final products.

Stainless steel surfaces, excellent accessibility of all areas, a cleaning drawer, a swivel conveyor, and the patented “Easy Clean” stuffing horn ball: the SV4800 leaves nothing to be desired in terms of hygiene. The individual components also meet hygiene requirements from the meat industry. Water tightness and resistance to chemicals are both important factors here.

In the system, many of the necessary movements for filling and clipping are performed by pneumatic cylinders. The “Quick Release” – a new swivel mechanism for the casing brake – allows for fast casing change without moving the clip head. The casing brake and stuffing horn are swiveled into the system and locked with an ICM series pneumatic mini cylinder. This stainless steel cylinder series with cylinder covers made of high-quality plastic is extremely resistant to corrosion.

In the machine, the tube to be filled is first pulled onto the stuffing horn and then positioned. Next, the system places two clips directly next to each other to close the casing on one side. A cylinder actuates the clip pusher, an overload cylinder actuates the clip tool. The ICS-D2 series overload cylinder is corrosion-resistant and consists of stainless steel. Between the clips, a knife cuts off the first clip. The knife movement to separate the casing is again performed by an ICM cylinder. The clip left on the tube closes it on one side, preparing the casing for filling. Now, actual production can begin – at up to 120 cycles per minute.

After filling, the clip tool closes the sausage product. Customers can set different product sizes and lengths.

AVENTICS AS2 series maintenance units prepare the compressed air so that it meets the requirements for use in this state-of-the-art system. The SV4800 is fine-tuned for system sustainability and efficiency right down to the last detail.

Tipper Tie SV4800 clip system
The SV4800 from Tipper Tie: The clip system for slicer ware and shaped products closes plastic, fiber, and collagen casing with diameters up to 160 mm at a rate of up to 120 cycles per minute.