To provide customers an edge in meat and cheese packaging, Coveris ( is unveiling its latest packaging solution, Envio films, at Pack Expo. This new generation of forming and non-forming films is a fusion of precision engineering and design which provides outstanding performance on our customer’s equipment and naturally forms around the product. Coveris’ technical expertise, dedication to innovation and market focus offers meat and cheese producers advantages in ease of use, food safety, cost containment and shelf impact.

Coveris Envio films ensure success for managers across all business functions. Compatible with popular HFFS equipment, Envio does not require any equipment setting changes on existing production lines. The caliper control increases machine efficiencies and eliminates baggy edges and tracking problems. Manufactured in state-of-the-art SQF-Level 3 certified facilities, food safety managers can feel confident in the Coveris’ commitment to producing and handling products at the highest standard. Extreme toughness and hermetic seals ensures lock-in freshness and protection of the product through the entire distribution chain.

Coveris’ global logistics network ensures that films are available as needed. Once products reach the stores, Envio films will grant the maximum shelf impact. The film’s 20-30% haze reduction combined with our Flexo and HD printing options lets the meat or cheese shine through the package, showcasing its freshness and quality and commanding a powerful shelf presence.

Visit them at Booth S-6638 to learn more about Envio films and other Coveris offerings.