Helliemae's, a maker of small batch caramels, launches new packaging inspired by retro design. Because the products are primarily carried in gift stores, the company wanted to reimagine the product presentation to highlight Helliemae's nostalgic roots and look distinctive in a boutique. Produced on Neenah (neenahpaper.com) estate label stock, Helliemae's new labels feature saturated colors celebrating milk paint of the 1930s and 1940s. Each caramel, in 11 flavors like Sea Salt and Whiskey Love Bomb, has a signature color with an effect like paint on a barn wall.

The brand launched in 2011, using stock packaging and kraft labels that the staff printed themselves, on a laser printer. Helliemae’s recently completed the redesign of the caramel packaging, available in clear boxes and clear gift style bags, to showcase the gourmet candy inside. While the brand is primarily sold in gift stores and specialty food stores right now, the company is looking at grocery store options for the near future.