Four years after it was launched, Sensogrip® resealable packaging system continues to demonstrate Flexico’s ( commitment to consumers, and make a positive contribution in the battle against waste. According to the market research specialist Which?1, one in five people claim their food choices are “limited” by complicated packaging when they are out shopping at the supermarket, and 75% believe modern-day packaging is harder to open than it needs to be. Sensogrip tackles both of these concerns head-on, as Eric Gerbault, Flexico Sales and marketing director, explains, “When we patented Sensogrip, the first of its kind, in 2012, we knew we had a product that would ensure resealable packaging could be accessible to all, and in a survey 90% of consumers2 gave it their approval.”

Consumers want food to stay fresh longer, and acknowledge that resealable packaging is a verified solution to that problem. Used by UK’s leading supplier of dried fruit, nuts and seeds, Whitworths, amongst others, Sensogrip is the most reliable solution3 in the market and provides product protection and reliability. Eco-designed, using fewer materials in comparison with other available closures for easy recycling, Sensogrip can be integrated onto flexible packaging without compromising functionality or technical properties, rendering it cost-effective. Mark Oaten, Packaging Innovation Manager at Whitworths, says, “When we rebranded our home-baking and snacking range, we moved to a push to close fastening. A key benefit of Flexico's Sensogrip is that it seals, even if the 'hooks' are not perfectly aligned. We felt that Flexico’s Sensogrip was the right consumer application for our products.” 

What makes Sensogrip the choice of consumers? Eric Gerbault says, “The first sound and tactile resealable system, Sensogrip enhances the consumer experience; they can hear and feel the successful seal, time and time again, a bonus for the elderly or those with disabilities. Sensogrip’s hermeticity maintains food freshness by limiting exposure to oxygen and preventing external contamination, limiting food waste.”

Eric Gerbault continues, “Sensogri ticks all the boxes for accessibility, reliability and sustainability; it takes resealable packaging to the next level.”

1 Which? Lifts the lid on packaging that gives you ‘wrap rage’ – 20th August 2013

2 Consumer Panel -Sept 2013 of over 60 persons in a controlled environment (Abis)     

3Internal comparative test made on flexible packaging