Leading organic mushroom brand, Mushroom Matrix, is set to unveil a fresh new look and name – Om, Organic Mushroom Nutrition. The line of vegan, non-GMO, and organic powders has harnessed the superfood’s powerful benefits to offer tasty, health-enriched formulas, now in bold, sleek packaging.

Based on health and wellness secrets from around the globe, and designed to elevate the mind, body and spirit, Om utilizes 10 remarkable healing species of mushrooms to bring various medicinal properties to the masses, in a way that can be easily incorporated into their everyday lifestyle. Om powders can be added to virtually any meal or snack – from smoothies to salad dressing to soups or juices.

The rebrand will not only streamline packaging and messaging with a brand new look, but will launch two new formulas – Om Chaga, developed to boost anti-aging properties, and Om Maitake, which supports weight control. The two new formulas will join the brand’s current line of offerings, which naturally increase energy levels, improve respiratory health, promote immune support, and more.

“With the Mushroom Matrix rebrand, we hope to further appeal to consumers and promote mushroom’s numerous benefits by revamping our overall aesthetic,” says Om founder and CEO Sandra Carter, M.A., MPH, Ph.D. “We want to make living healthy lifestyles cool, contemporary and sophisticated, and we’re excited to unveil our new packaging which encompasses all of these things.”

As mushrooms have been used in eastern cultures for thousands of years, Om plans to emphasize the pure, whole-food, organic nature of medicinal mushrooms for use in everyday life. The complete line includes:


  • Fit: Supports endurance training with increased oxygen delivery while promoting healthy recovery and supplying lasting energy;
  • Immune: 7 species combine for a broad spectrum of immune support;
  • Restore (formerly Critical Care): Formulated to support recovery, positive inflammation response, increase energy and immune support, and assist in detoxification;
  • Beauty: Formulated with 8 species, including naturally occurring Biotin and antioxidants to prevent free-radical damage, for lustrous hair, strong nails and glowing skin;
  • Cordyceps: Supports respiratory health, improves oxygen consumption and delivery to increase energy, benefits endurance and vitality;
  • Reishi: Powerful beta glucans provide strong immune and cardiovascular support, natural adaptogen to help balance stress;
  • Lion’s Mane: The Smart mushroom, promote cognitive and nerve health while inspiring clarity, creativity and mood;
  • Turkey Tail: Powerful polysaccharides (immunity activators) support deep cellular health;
  • *NEW Chaga: Known to have some of the highest levels of antioxidants and enhance anti-aging qualities;
  • *NEW Maitake: Support weight control and balance blood sugar levels.

Today, each of the aforementioned species used in Om’s supplements are produced in their own Certified 100% Organic Carlsbad, California facility. They include the full life-cycle of the mushrooms species, capturing nature’s incredible bioactivity in a fascinating growing process.