Bemis Company Inc. ( is proud to be recognized by the Institute of Packaging Professionals with the AmeriStar Packaging Award for Bemis® Flow-Tite® shrink rollstock.

Flow-Tite shrink rollstock offers reduced labor costs by 50% or more, while also reducing rework by 50% or more. With advanced sealant technology, this shrink rollstock lowers the leaker rate to further ensure consumer safety and satisfaction.

This shrink bag alternative creates a more streamlined and automated process which allows our customers to experience improved worker ergonomics as well as increased throughput in meat production. By eliminating steps in the packaging process, Bemis Flow-Tite delivers significant total cost savings.

This transformative packaging film delivers production efficiencies by improving processing throughput by 5-10% which increases speed to market for our customers. Additionally, Flow-Tite reduces SKUs by 90% through automatic package adjustment features which accommodate various meat cuts, providing simpler inventory management.