Dog food brand Harringtons tasked global design and branding agency Hornall Anderson ( with redesigning its packaging to elevate the natural qualities and British provenance.

Hornall Anderson updated the existing packaging, while retaining and elevating the healthy and natural elements of the brand, using paper packaging and introducing a craft feel to the design, including the use of hand drawn brushstrokes.

A brighter color palette achieves standout, while clearer hierarchy of on-pack messaging makes it easier for busy customers to choose. Packs are now easier to shop by dog size, such as puppy or adult.  

An updated, simplified and bold brand mark and clearer icons have been added. Messaging about the natural ingredients in Harringtons is more prominent, to correspond with the trend for natural food in the pet care category. Elements of the previous packaging design which worked, such as the dog photography, were kept to secure customer loyalty.

“The new designs represent evolution rather than revolution. We wanted to keep the elements that worked, but modernise the packaging. So we retained the natural, healthy aspects of the brand by using paper material and introduced a more crafted feel into the design to reflect the quality of Harringtons’ products," says Craig Harriott, design director, Hornall Anderson.

Dan Reeves, marketing manager, Inspired Pet Nutrition, which owns Harringtons, adds, “It is Harringtons’ first pack redesign for a decade and as the range is increasing and entering new categories such as wet pet food, we need to have a consistent approach across the range.

“The clearer, more contemporary designs make it easier for shoppers to spot the range as they enter the aisle and quickly identify which variant they want. 

“A suite of packaging has also been created covering cats and small animals as well as speciality packs such as hypoallergenic and grain free. 

“The launch of the designs coincides with our latest burst of marketing activity on TV, radio and through digital channels.”