ALLIEDFLEX ( has released its newest machine for filling liquids, the FLX MonoSpout pouch filling and capping machine for filling and capping popular pre-made spouted stand-up pouches.  

The FLX MonoSpout is a 100-percent servo controlled, high-quality machine solution that is ideal for pilot plant to establish filling characteristics, test market samples and in-plant production runs. It is designed to meet a growing need for a reliable system for filling and capping spouted pouches.

This machine is compact, economical and simple to operate. It is built to USDA washdown sanitary standards. It is suitable for filling and capping flexible pouches with liquid / semi-liquid products, and can fill viscous products containing soft particulates or pulp and it is suitable for hot filling (100°C).

In addition, FLX MonoSpout Machine produces a reliable, efficient and safe pouch packaging machinery solution. The machine may accommodate a fill volume from 100 ml up to 1 liter. Pre-made standup pouches with pre-applied top or corner spout (with carrier slot) and fed via rails. Output is (30-50 PPM -Pouches Per Minute) based upon 200 ml fill volume.