Healthy Times, a premium, verified Non-GMO, organic nutrition brand for babies and kids, has debuted new Organic Baby Teethers. The product now features a functional shape, new formulation and is available in two flavors: Apple and Sweet Potato, and Banana and Broccoli. Teethers will now be packaged in a new resealable package for maximum freshness and convenience.

The innovative Organic Baby Teethers were developed with pediatric feeding specialists, featuring an updated curved shape designed to facilitate self-sufficient feeding and a ridged exterior designed to stimulate and soothe gums. Teethers were developed with quality and baby’s development top of mind; there is no added sugar allowing a baby’s palate to develop naturally. In addition, there is no added salt, sweeteners, colors, flavors or palm oil. The new product are free from common allergens (dairy, nut, gluten and soy free), and the product contains organic, plant-based pea protein and inulin, a prebiotic fiber to help support a healthy digestive system development.

As parents seek healthy nutrition for their children from organic fruits and vegetables, Healthy Times chose to feature apple, sweet potato, banana and broccoli at the core of the new products, all leading flavors in the industry.

Healthy Times Teethers come in a 1.7 oz. resealable pouch and are available at key stores nationwide.