Mars Edge, a new entrepreneurial arm of Mars, Inc., has launched a new product rich in protein and micronutrients in India, with a comprehensive brand and packaging strategy by Straight Forward Design.

As part of Mars Edge’s drive to create better lives through nutrition, GoMo Dal Crunchies were developed for six- to 18-year-olds throughout the country, with flavor profiles to excite the typical Indian palette.

Straight Forward Design was enlisted to create a brand identity that would appeal to and be trusted by Indian mothers – taking on board the 22 different national languages and myriad cultural responses to design cues.

A visual shorthand was developed to reach people across India regardless of language or literacy. Therefore, images of the ingredients play a vital role on pack, with colors that represent Indian flavors and their nutritional qualities. A deep blue was chosen as the primary brand color across all variants (Chili Lemon Pepper, Masala Mix, Green Chutney) to provide consistency and to represent trust and efficacy.

The filled snacks come in single-serve packages.