Paper Converting Machine Company (PCMC), a leader in tissue converting, packaging, flexographic printing, bag converting and nonwovens technology, celebrated 100 years in business last year.  The company offers several production lines, including flexographic printing and bag converting. It also manufactures presses, central impression and inline as well as laser anilox cleaners.

By acquiring Hudson Sharp last August, PCMC added bag converting to its portfolio with plastic bag converting equipment, wicketers, stand-up pouch machines and Inno-Lok® and Pour & Lok™ pre-applied closure product lines.

Paper Converting Machinery was founded in 1919, as Bay City Machine Company, by father and son partners, Peter J. Christman, Sr. and Peter J. Christman, Jr. 

In 1946, L.G. Wood became president and led the company through an expansion into Europe, the opening of the current headquarters and entry into the flexographic printing and nonwovens industries.

Shortly after his passing in 1969, the Baer family had an active role in the company’s leadership, and continued expansion, this time in Lucca, Italy. Paper Converting Machine joined Barry-Wehmiller in 2005.

Live Demonstrations

PCMC is excited to invite Converters Expo attendees to an exclusive event featuring a tour of its facility in Green Bay, with live demos of the Fusion C flexographic printing press and Meridian Elite laser anilox cleaner, as well as other machines in various build cycles.

The Fusion C: Launched 2016, this newer press includes PCMC’s latest innovation — and recipient of the 2019 FTA Technical Innovation Award — SteadyPrint, which significantly reduces the effects of bounce when printing graphics with hard edges. Features such as True Print, True Print Plus and automatic drum cleaning will keep the machine running more and the downtime less. The flexographic press also uses a smaller footprint and fewer parts, saving space and cost.

This press is aimed at flexible printing packaging for food, medical, and film-based applications. The Fusion C will be printing on the floor during the live demonstration.

Meridian Elite: Attendees will also be one of the first to view a demo of this next-generation of laser cleaners, which features enhanced cleaning capabilities, 50% faster cleaning cycles, two-stage filtration and Industry 4.0 features.


Meridian Elite next-generation laser cleaner by PCMC
Meridian Elite next-generation laser cleaner

The brand-new laser anilox cleaner is launching this month. It cleans the anilox cells using a powerful laser that vaporizes deposited particles inside of the cells. It deeply cleans chrome and ceramic rolls of any line screen. The result is a superior clean, improved print quality and a longer life for your anilox rolls. The patented laser technology is the fastest anilox roll cleaner available in the industry today. With Industry 4.0 features, it is the only anilox cleaner in the market that offers a cloud-based roll reporting system.

Meridian Elite is geared toward printing for anilox rolls, and printers/converters that use rolls for coating, ink, adhesives, etc.

Print Solutions Lounge

The tour will wrap in the Print Solutions Lounge, which will include refreshments and social networking.

Throughout the tour, and during social networking, attendees will have access to talk with engineers, sales and others in the organization who have been involved in these different technologies.

“We have our print solutions lounge on the floor, where we host demos and different technology, such as plate mounters, and more.”

Register Now

The Paper Converting Machinery tour is free for all Converters Expo attendees. Meet at Lambeau Field for the tour, which will be approximately three hours including bus travel. The tour ends with participants back at Lambeau for the Converters Expo reception. (Attendees must be registered to board the tour bus.)

What better place for an event than the iconic Lambeau Field? Register for Converters Expo to attend the PCMC plant tour at