Paper Converting Machine Company - Facility Tour

Monday, August 24, 2020 - 1:00pm CT | 2:00pm ET

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Paper Converting Machine Company


Paper Converting Machine Company

Join us for an exclusive virtual event featuring a tour of our facility at 2300 South Ashland Avenue, Green Bay with demos of our Fusion C flexographic printing press, Meridian Elite laser anilox cleaner, and Ares 400-SUP pouch machine.

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Fusion C

The Fusion C includes our latest innovation and recipient of the 2019 FTA Technical Innovation Award, SteadyPrint, which significantly reduces the effects of bounce when printing graphics with hard edges.

Meridian Elite laser anilox cleaner

The Meridian Elite, recipient of the 2020 FTA Technical Innovation Award – features:

  • Enhanced cleaning capabilities
  • 50% faster cleaning cycles
  • Two stage filtration
  • Industry 4.0 features
Ares 400-SUP

The Ares 400-SUP stand up pouch machine is a compact, efficient, easy to operate, quick changeover machine designed for short/medium-run production. It runs recycle ready PE, laminated films, paper, and bio-films with ease and a low scrap rate.


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