Paper Converting Machine Company - Facility Tour

Monday, August 24, 2020 - 2:00-5:00 pm

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Paper Converting Machine Company

Paper Converting Machine Company

Join us for an exclusive event featuring a tour of our facility at 2300 South Ashland Avenue, Green Bay with live demos of our Fusion C flexographic printing press and Meridian Elite laser anilox cleaner.

The Fusion C includes our latest innovation and recipient of the 2019 FTA Technical Innovation Award, SteadyPrint, which significantly reduces the effects of bounce when printing graphics with hard edges. And be one of the first to view a demo of our next generation of laser cleaners – the Meridian Elite – which features: enhanced cleaning capabilities, 50% faster cleaning cycles, two stage filtration and industry 4.0 features.

Bus transportation between Lambeau Field and PCMC will be provided. There is no charge for this pre-event tour, but Converters Expo attendees must pre-register in order to participate in the tour. Due to privacy issues, we will be reviewing the attendee list and may decline participation of attendees from competing companies. Thank you for your understanding.

Sign up to participate in this tour when you register online to attend Converters Expo. Please contact Maddie Berglund ( if you need assistance in adding the tour to your Converters Expo registration.

Fusion C Meridian Elite laser anilox cleaner