Exhibitor Resources

Booth Details
First Floor Atrium Booths

Each 10 ft wide x 8 ft deep exhibitor booth space on the Atrium floor is piped and draped with 3 ft side rails; includes one 8 ft display table, skirted with black drape, 2 chairs, and 3" x 44" identification sign


Fourth Floor Tabletops

Each exhibit space on the 4th floor includes one 6 ft skirted tabletop with 2 chairs, and 5.5" x 17" table tent identification sign.

Show Decorator Services

The official service contractor for Converters Expo is Valley Expo & Display. They offer an array of equipment and services for your exhibit. All exhibitors will receive an exhibitor kit and ordering information via email. Download exhibitor kit.

Valley Expo & Displays does not take orders over the phone. All preshow orders must be emailed to events@valleyexpodisplays.com, faxed to (815-873-1544), or entered online at www.valleyexpodisplays.com by April ___, 2022. After this date orders must be placed at the service desk at the show site during exhibitor move-in. Items ordered at show site are subject to availability.

Helpful Tips:

  • Ship early to avoid delays.
  • Order early and take advantage of the discount pricing to receive discounted rates.

If you need to request an exhibitor kit, or have any questions please contact:
Valley Expo - Exhibitor Services Department
Phone: 877.332.4292; press 1
Email: events@valleyexpodisplays.com

Booth Furniture and Accessories

Please complete and return all necessary forms in the Exhibitor Kit provided in an email from Valley Expo & Display.

First Floor Atrium Booths

A standard 8' deep x 10' wide booth will include:
Blue/Silver 8' Back Drape and 3' Side Drape
(1) 8' long x 24” wide x 30” high Skirted Table
(2) Side Chairs
(1) 7" x 44" Identification Sign
Your exhibit area is NOT carpeted with facility carpeting.

4th Floor Tabletops

A tabletop exhibit space includes:
(1) 6' long x 24” wide x 30” high skirted tabletop
(2) Side Chairs
(1) 5.5" x 17" Table Tent Identification Sign
Your exhibit area is carpeted with facility carpeting.

Pre-Show Shipments

All inbound and outbound shipments will be handled by our service contractor, Valley Expo & Display. There are no direct shipments to show site. You must ship to the advanced warehouse address in the exhibitor kit. If you need other arrangements with Lambeau Field, please contact Anne Gierach AGierach@delawarenorth.com.

Note: Lambeau Field will no longer accept crated, boxed or skidded materials shipped prior to event.

Materials Handling Order Forms must be completed and returned to Valley and shipments must arrive at Valley Expo by April __, 2022. The discount price deadline for orders is April __, 2022. Please refer to the Valley Expo & Display exhibitor kit for details.

If you need to request an Exhibitor Kit or have any shipping questions please contact:
Valley Expo - Exhibitor Services Department
Phone: 877.332.4292; press 1
Email: events@valleyexpodisplays.com

Load-In & Load-Out

Exhibitor load-in is from 6:00 - 9:00 am on day of expo, Wednesday, April 27, 2022. Lambeau Field Atrium has implemented the following procedures for Move In and Move Out to insure a successful event for everyone:

Move In Procedure

Materials that are shipped prior to event will be placed in your booth/tabletop space by 6:00 AM on April 27th.

Exhibitors bringing materials with them will be loading in on a first-come, first-serve basis at the Bus Bay. Please refer to the map.

  • Vendors may check-in at the Security Building (blue star on the map) before proceeding to the Bus Bay located on the South side of Lambeau Field.
  • Lambeau Field’s Atrium Operations Team will be waiting with carts at the Bus Bay to help with load-in.
  • When finished unloading your vehicle, please move your vehicle to the American Family Insurance Gate and enter the building to the 1st floor via escalators.
  • Green Bay Packers staff will escort your cart to the 1st floor Atrium where you will meet them.
  • Cart must be unloaded as soon as possible to make sure all exhibitors are loaded in a timely manner.

PLEASE NOTE: Lambeau does not allow vendor carts in the Atrium. If you require a cart, you need to load-in at the Bus Bay entrance. Only vendors who are hand carrying items may load in through the American Family Insurance or Oneida Gates.

Move Out Procedure

Load-Out begins at 3:30 pm on DAY-OF-EXPO – April 27, 2022. Load out may not begin sooner than the scheduled time. Must be completed by 5:00 pm. 

For boxed materials that are to be shipped out, your packed and labeled boxes may be left in the booth space for Valley Expo & Display staff.

  • Outbound service must be pre-arranged with a carrier and with Valley Expo.
  • Any outbound exhibit materials left in your booth without contracting of material handling through Valley will be held at their warehouse until payment is made.
  • If you have any shipping questions, please contact Valley Expo - Exhibitor Services Department at 877-332-4292 (press 1) or events@valleyexpodisplays.com.

For those who brought materials with them, there will be a limited number of carts available.

  • When your booth is completely packed up, look for a Packers representative near the garage door for your name to be put on the list.
  • As carts become available, they will be brought to the next name on list. If a cart arrives before your booth is packed up, your name will be moved to the bottom of list.
  • Green Bay Packers staff will escort your cart to the Bus Bay. Please drive your car around to the Bus Bay to be loaded. Please watch for carts.

Anything left unpacked and/or unlabeled after 5:00 PM will be discarded.

Please be courteous and respectful of Green Bay Packers and Valley staff, as they are doing their best to expedite your load out. Thank you.

Electrical and AV Equipment

To order electrical service for your exhibit space, please complete the Electrical Order Form. Please note that exhibitors must arrange and pay for electricity no later than 7 days prior to set up date. If payment is not received prior to set up date (April 27), the request will be subject to a $25.00 same day set up fee in addition to the electrical service charge.

Review the Lambeau Field Audio/Visual Equipment Price List for available onsite equipment. The quantity of A/V equipment is limited so, if needed, please contact Anne Gierach at least 10 business days prior to event. Phone: 920-288-7811 or Email: AGierach@delawarenorth.com.

Lead Retrieval

We have partnered with American Tradeshow Services (ATS) this year to provide lead retrieval services to our exhibitors. To take advantage of this new service, please complete the Order Form and email it to orders@american-tradeshow.com. You can also contact ATS directly at 985-809-0600 ext. 777 to place an order, or if you have any questions. The deadline date for the ATS discounted rate is April __, 2022.

For more information about the benefits of lead retrieval services, please review the Lead Retrieval 101 handout from American Tradeshow Services.

Wireless Internet

Lambeau Field Atrium has free Wi-Fi. Log In Instructions:
   1. Connect to Lambeau Field.
   2. Open a NEW browser window and click "I agree" on the splash page.