Hazel Technologies, a USDA-funded company providing new technologies to extend the quality shelf life of produce and fight food waste, announces the launch of a new organic compatible product line, Hazel™ O, with Miami, FL-based WP Produce, a grower of tropical avocados. As part of the partnership WP Produce has incorporated Hazel O into its supply chain and much anticipated 2-count bag launch.

The Hazel O product is a sachet placed in a box of produce by the packer immediately following harvesting and packing. The sachet works by reducing the ethylene sensitivity of fresh produce. Ethylene is a hormone that many types of fresh produce release during the ripening process which triggers further ripening, softness, and development of maturity and eventually spoilage.

As part of the partnership, WP Produce 2-count Desbry® tropical avocado bags have been co-branded with the slogan “Fresher with Hazel Tech®” on the front left corner of each bag. Shipments have already been received at over 180 store locations of major US retailers, including Kroger. The goal of the partnership is to assure retailers and consumers that they are receiving products with the highest possible quality, shelf-life, and sustainability. Retailers receive not only a great tasting product in an eye-catching bag that educates about this relatively new type of avocado that consumers love, but also a product that is friendly to our planet and carbon footprint.

“Organics are one of the fastest growing segments in the produce aisle, but also have more shelf life challenges than their conventional counterparts,” said Aidan Mouat, CEO of Hazel Technologies. “Developing a next-generation organic solution to address organic shelf life is one more step in our company’s mission to provide holistic supply chain solutions for the fresh food industry”.