The SchurStar Concept Packaging Machine offers a fully automated double and triple bagging of sterile products, ensuring that the bag will be placed correctly for the filling process.

Integrated robots collect and insert the products precisely into the bag — single and double index filling — and fold the bag top down. Integrated air evacuation units do likewise handle these steps fully automatically. Irradiation dots can be placed automatically onto the bags. One operator is required to keep an eye on the control panel, continuously providing product supplies to the conveyor.

Double or triple bagging of pharmaceutical items is required when its final point of use is an operation theatre or another vulnerable area, requiring extreme hygiene measures. The product could be trigger sprays containing IPA or ethanol liquids, where the bags are removed stepwise along being transported to the final point of use.

When done manually, the bagging process for such products involves manual handling and can be labor intensive. The products are often awkwardly shaped and need to be positioned precisely into the inner bag, not to impede subsequent steps. Conditional to continuation is evacuation of air from the bag before sealing it and subsequently folding of the bag top, tucking it in and filling the inner bag into bag number two, precisely and accurately. In case of triple bagging, the procedure is repeated.

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