“I’m thoroughly convinced people will live on Mars before we get Ziploc bags inside cereal boxes.”

This tweet from @catturd2 (that name!) made me laugh. In 24-hours it generated 21,000 likes and 717 comments including:

“Right??!?! Makes ZERO sense why the bags can’t be re-closed.”

“¼ of the cereal ends up stale in the box thanks to the ridiculous bags they currently have inside lol.”

“It’s a marketing scam…the cereal goes bad faster so you buy more.”

Yes, I know that some cereals are available in resealable pouches. But we’re talking about having cereal in resealable bags in the box.

A resealable pouch placed into a corrugated box ensures the product does not get crushed in transit. It also maintains the same easy-to-shelf display while staying fresh. Of course, that would take different packaging equipment, and that is an added cost. The Twitter conversation addressed that added cost and how loss of revenue is a factor. Many agreed the consumer would end up paying — literally through a price increase or figuratively by getting less product.

“Once they do add Ziploc bags you can bet the quantity of cereal will drop.”

“Oh sure…can see it now! Sale: Froot Loops...Now only $17.95!!!”

Brands, it’s time to address the issue. If Uncle Ben’s can get a costly name change to Ben’s Original and Aunt Jemima gets rebranded as Pearl Milling Company, why can’t top cereal makers seal the bag? Some may say it’s not the same thing, but doesn’t it all come down to investing in consumer demand?

Some say it’s a moot point.

“Not needed in my house — I usually knock off a box of cereal in less than a week.”

“It doesn’t matter, because my kids wouldn’t close the bag anyway.”


What do you think?