Amcor has recently developed the Amcor N-Gage lidding films, whose benefits include:
  • Total pack weight reduction of at least 10 percent
  • Mono-material pack that leads the way to total pack recycling  
  • Significant saving opportunities in productivity, logistics and Green Dot fees.
Amcor N-Gage is a proprietary range of high barrier, peelable lidding films which seal directly onto APET trays.  Lighter than the current films, N-Gage offers equivalent high performance and tangible cost savings for manufacturers in change-over time, waste, transport and Green Dot charges. 
Thanks to Amcor N-Gage, the mono-APET tray and lid can be fully recycled once the recycling stream is in place. A recent study published by Eco-Emballages and Adelphe reports on key projects with leading food manufacturers designed to improve the recyclability of plastic based packaging. It concludes that the optimum packaging solution for trays and lids for sliced cured meat would be the development of a mono-material PET tray and a compatible lidding film, which can be sealed to the tray.  
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