OEC Graphics has announced that OEC's Union City, Calif., facility is to host and represent one of three deployments of the new HP 20000 digital flexible packaging presses worldwide. 

This 30-inch wide device will allow OEC to design and facilitate new brand packaging opportunities previously denied to the flexible packaging market. By combining OEC's strengths in brand strategy and packaging management expertise with nearby laminating and converting capabilities, it makes this venture unique in the global market.
“OEC Graphics is committed to staying ahead of technological innovations and packaging market trends” says Jeff Schloesser, president of OEC Graphics. “The HP Indigo 20000 will empower us to benefit from this new and groundbreaking digital packaging solution while expanding our service offerings to our varied customer base.”
HP’s press technology offers access to wider brand iterations, product customizations, regionalization, variable data and low quantity runs. OEC anticipates significantly heightened visibility and access to consumer products companies by leveraging this technology to allow the brand owners to control previously inaccessible portions of the supply chain. 
The press uses HP-brand ElectroInks with up to seven colors, including opaque white. It is capable of delivering print with color space never seen in the flexible packaging market. The Indigo 20000 achieves nearly 97 percent of the pantone color gamut, allowing for design exploration that was previously constrained by traditional press technologies. The press will arrive in June and will be ready for production this summer.
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