Q: What is your newest machine? What’s special about it?

A: The HCI FTSC-V-3, available in 500, 600 and 700mm widths, is our newest machine for three-side-sealed-, standup-, bottom-gusseted standup-, zipper-, combined standup with zipper pouches/bags, which can also produce four-side-sealed bags with one web, without using secondary webs for the gussets and a registration system, a feature that allows for side-gusset-quad bags to be produced on our standup pouch-making machine with increased production efficiency and reduced waste. The new FTSC-V-3 precision web-handling- and tension control system can set different optimal tension values for each special tension zone, to ensure precise performance during pouch-making production. Additional features include a new outer transmission mechanism, HCI zipper guiding and cooling plates, as well as microprocessor PID temperature controllers with auto tuning for accurate and fast heating performance.


Q: What kind of bag/pouch is fastest to produce, and why? Which one is most complex to produce, and why?

A: The three-side-sealed is still the fastest bag/pouch to produce, as it is simple and can be manufactured in multi-lane production. The most complex to produce are typically standup pouches with a zipper, due to the large variety of material compositions used for different packaging applications and the variation of material thicknesses through the different sections of the machine, which need to be accounted for. Precise tension control, as well as sealing bar control and heat regulation is very critical when producing complex standup pouches. 


Q: Which type of bag/pouch has the best versatility across all markets, and why?

A: From consumer packaging to industrial applications, standup pouches are not only appealing but very functional with an attention-grabbing, futuristic look; larger, flat front face for printing; and are light weight and easy to open. With a wide array of applications, ease of use, re-sealable closures, valves and spouts, they can hold large capacities and offer an "outstanding" solution for new product display opportunities. Standup-pouch use will continue to grow in market share as more applications are developed in categories previously dominated by glass jars, metal cans, bottles and folding cartons.


Q: Since we all know the standup pouch is king, do you see another pouch style that might end up being the next big thing?

A: Standup pouches will continue to dominate the market place. However, side-gusset-quad pouches are increasing significantly in popularity, as this greater, reinforced side-gusseted pouch is ideal for bags needing more capacity and strength for heavier products; holds its shape better on the shelf; presents two long faces or panels on the front and the back for product branding and high-end printing; creates a distinctive difference in shelf appearance and can be produced with one single web.


Q: What is your opinion of the flexible packaging industry overall?

A: Technology advancements in flexible packaging are redefining the functionality and use of packaging in many sectors. As new features and designs continue to emerge from converted flexible packaging that enhances the consumer’s experience, flexible packaging growth will continue at the expense of older, conventional packaging mediums. Rising preferences by consumers towards light-weight-, functional- and durable packaging will continue to drive market growth. As machinery manufacturers and suppliers continue to invest in technologies that improve machinery capabilities and productivity – and converters embrace and reinvest in these new capabilities – the flexible packaging industry will continue to experience profitable growth.



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