Nordmeccanica celebrates the grand opening of the new location for Nordmeccanica Vacuum. Nordmeccanica Vacuum is the group operation producing metallizing machinery for the plastic films and paper industry.
Nordmeccanica owns the rights and the technology of the Galileo business since the beginning of 2013. In just over one year Nordmeccanica Vacuum completely redesigned and re-engineered the Galileo metallizers product line to reflect the renowned Galileo experience under the Nordmeccanica quality, integration and innovation guide lines.  In the same time frame a new 65,000-square-foot facility was built from ground up, become operational and provided the assembly and delivery of the first units. The grand opening event saw the participation of people from all over the world. Customers, personalities in our industry, the entire Nordmeccanica sales network, guest and politicians; the list of attendees, representing 40 countries and 5 continents, exceeded the count of 500. 
The daylong event was open by the Nordmeccanica President Antonio Cerciello addressing the guests with a vibrant welcome speech. The ribbon cutting ceremony came next. A 500 guest banquette was organized within premises while the afternoon was dedicated to a Flexible Packaging summit on innovation in packaging. 
The summit saw interesting presentations proposed by Dow, for innovation in adhesive technology; Barilla for innovation in packaging as seen from the perspective of the brand owner; Coveme and Manucor, about the innovation in packaging according to the converter point of view and Nordmeccanica about the innovation in machine design for both the coating laminating product line as well as the metallizing machinery product line. A live demonstration of a metallizer at work concluded the event. The demonstration coverer all innovations brought by the new product line, the ease of use, the ease of maintenance, the quality of the final outcome and the production performance as combination of the machine speed nd the very quick change over cycle. Guests have been presented with samples of the actual job, a pattern metallized film.  
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