Smurfit Kappa celebrates the opening of a new Bag-in-Box plant in Ibi, Spain, meeting a growing demand in the Mediterranean region.

The ultra-modern facility, which has seen an investment of approximately $34.8 million by the company, boasts itself as one of the world’s leading Bag-in-Box plants, integrating the production of taps and bags under one roof.
In addition, it offers a showcase of the world’s newest and some of the best performing features in Bag-in-Box production, while meeting the highest standards of hygiene, safety and quality.
The plant’s strongly automated production lines and dedicated team produce millions of taps and bags every month in order to meet growing demand in the region.
The needs of Smurfit Kappa’s customers have been at the centre of the creation of this new facility, and today’s official inauguration will allow those customers to gain a more in-depth understanding of the process, with the chance to discover the company’s solutions in a showroom, and to upskill in the training center.
“The opening of this new plant shows how Smurfit Kappa continuously strives to work with our customers to meet their needs. By investing in such an ultra-modern and high-performing facility, we can ensure a promising future for our customers in this growing market,” says Tony Smurfit, group president and COO. “Congratulations to everyone involved in getting this state-of-the-art facility off the ground.”
“This new plant is a big step up for Bag-in-Box® activities both within our company and within the Mediterranean region. It couldn’t have come at a better time, when the demand for top-class Bag-in-Box® packaging products from a reliable partner is getting bigger,” says Pascual Martinez, general manager.
Smurfit Kappa