In a move that generates greater production capacity and the ability to offer a broader array of packaging options, C-P Flexible Packaging has acquired MRI Flexible Packaging.
“This is a strategic step forward for us,” said Tony Vaudo, C-P’s president and CEO. “We’re always looking for ways to offer our customers a higher level of value, service and innovation. MRI is a good fit. We share the same customer-centric culture with a focus on national brands and private label. Beyond the overall increase in capacity, acquiring MRI gives us the redundancy in facilities and the ability to offer additional products lines to our customers. 
“When we invested in C-P, we knew we wanted to achieve big things in flexible packaging – and acquiring MRI is the first step,” says Emilio S. Pedroni, managing director at First Atlantic Capital, C-P’s controlling shareholder.  “It substantially increases the range and potential we bring to market.” We’re particularly excited about the new technology in C-FiT™ – which is a no-heat shrink sleeve designed for single-serve size bottles.”
MRI Flexible Packaging is the largest supplier of polyethylene stretch sleeves in the U.S.  From their facilities in Newtown and Bensalem, Pennsylvania, the company services clients in the household chemical, consumer and beverage markets. In addition to no-heat stretch sleeves, MRI’s other core offerings include shrink sleeves and roll labels. 
York, Pennsylvania-based C-P Flexible Packaging is an emerging force in flexible packaging. With a primary focus on serving the food industry, C-P specializes in pouches, re-sealable packaging and shrink sleeves – including the proprietary XT720 Extended Shrink Sleeve. 
MRI Flexible Packaging will continue under the guidance of the company’s current management. Rich Speeney, MRI’s co-founder will assume the role of vice president and general manager. He brings with him more than 28 years of packaging industry experience.
“We’re very excited about this partnership. Now we can offer our customers a single source for a broad range of packaging options and the comfort of knowing we have the redundancy to efficiently maintain on-time workflow,” says Speeney. “Our increased scope of production offers benefits to current customers. But it’s also an opportunity to reach new markets and serve different industries” C-P’s acquisition of MRI Flexible Packaging was final as of August 2014.
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