Mondi North America Shaped Pouch

 A new flexible package custom designed for the needs of diverse consumer goods manufacturers is now available from Mondi North America. 
The product, called the Shaped Pouch, can be produced in virtually any shape to promote a packager’s brand identity and marketing goals. The pouch can hold either liquid or granular materials.      
“The Shaped Pouch can introduce a new product, promote brand awareness or enhance a product’s shelf appeal,” says Mark Gum, a member of Mondi Jackson’s product development -technical service group. “Our product-development specialists work closely with product packagers from the initial choice of pouch shape and materials through prototyping and production. They help packagers choose a pouch shape that conveys their message and connects with consumers. Typically, the shape selected is instantly recognizable, such as the shape of an animal or familiar object like an hourglass or dog bone.”    

Cost-effective Option

In addition to its marketing impact, the Shaped Pouch is often a highly cost-effective option for consumer goods companies. Packagers that currently use rigid plastic packaging, for example, can possibly realize cost savings by switching to the flexible Shaped Pouch.   
Mondi’s Shaped Pouch can be made using a variety of high-performance flexible materials. The materials are selected to meet packagers’ requirements for barrier properties and stiffness. The pouch is available in a stand-up form or with a funnel shape at the top for easy tear-off and dispensing. Mondi’s Shaped Pouch can be produced in a wide range of shapes and sizes to differentiate a customer’s product in the marketplace.  
The Shaped Pouch is available today in multiple colors using rotogravure printing and will be available in up to 10 colors in January 2015 when Mondi’s new Windmoeller & Hoelscher flexographic press becomes fully operational. 
Mondi North America