Amcor Flexibles Asia Pacific’s journey in partnering with machine suppliers and identifying preferred suppliers for each category, made another significant step forward when the flexibles company signed a preferred vendor agreement with lamination machines supplier Nordmeccanica on Nov. 18.

The partnership between Amcor Flexibles Asia Pacific and Nordmeccanica s.p.a. will allow both industry leaders to leverage on each other’s expertise and commitment to innovation, technology and sustainability.
The agreement, signed by Ralf K. Wunderlich, president of Amcor Flexibles Asia Pacific and Antonio Cerciello, president of Nordmeccanica s.p.a., will provide optimized standard machine specifications and options, together with an improved and simplified process for ordering, delivery, installation and commissioning.
Wunderlich says, “This strategic partnership supports our rapid growth throughout Asia and also enhances our ability to respond rapidly to the needs of our customers. As product safety remains a top priority for us at Amcor, working with reliable partners such as Nordmeccanica s.p.a. will allow us to unlock powerful environmental, social and economic opportunities, ensuring that we always deliver top quality and safe products to our customers.”
“For Nordmeccanica s.p.a. to partner with Amcor Flexibles Asia Pacific and to supply to all the plants in Asia Pacific is a win for us and I am certain that we will benefit strongly from this partnership,” says Cerciello.
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