PDC International shrink sleeve label machine

PDC International Corp. is demonstrating its multi-use shrink sleeve labeler. This system processes up to 400 containers per minute and is particularly adept with difficult or non-traditional packages. 
The PDC R-350 Evolution shrink-sleeve labeler handles taperless containers, ovals, twin packs and rigid packages of all types with capacities of 2 to 64. ounces. An integral label accumulator optimizes productivity by allowing roll changes at production speed – no downtime required.  
The R-350 can be supplied with custom material handling that orients products in dual counter-rotating timing screws as well as servo-controlled gripper belts. This provides the most consistent presentation of packages for sleeving.   
The R-350 is a mandrel-style labeler that uses PDC’s proprietary blade technology – a rugged and longer-lived alternative to the fragile “spinning knives” that are standard in most competitors’ equipment.  Mandrels, feed screws and other change parts can all be switched out quickly thanks to PDC’s exclusive tool-less changeover feature.  
The R-350 shrink labeler has many important standard features, including a stainless steel frame, upstream photo-eyes, material monitors, and an Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC platform. Options include modules for precise vertical and horizontal consumer perforations, cutoff registration, stainless steel construction and componentry, and custom construction features. The R-350 can be supplied as a stand-alone system, or as an engineered line that includes conveyors, shrink tunnels, inspection modules and vision systems.     
PDC machines are compatible with virtually all commercial packaging films (such as freezer grade films), including PVC, PET, PETG, OPS and PLA films in gauges as thin as 40 micron, (1.5 mil) depending on throughput and cap configuration.
Like all PDC packaging systems, the R-350 is made in the USA using high-quality, off-the-shelf components, assuring that the cost of ownership remains low throughout the system’s long life. Systems incorporate field-proven controls technology and can be UL certified.   
PDC International
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