Web Industries Inc., a provider of contract converting and manufacturing services, has expanded the range of converting options it offers the consumer packaged goods market through the acquisition of additional high-speed, wide-width converting capabilities.

Continuing the company’s focus on staying ahead of emerging market trends through investment in innovative technologies, this new converting capacity will produce jumbo rolls of up to 60 inches outside diameter by 80 inches width, allowing the company to offer true “big roll converting” to the consumer products market.
Jumbo rolls can contain as much as 57 percent more material than existing rolls. This increase in material volume can give leading producers of adult incontinence, feminine hygiene, baby care, and home care products significant manufacturing advantages. During material sourcing, Web’s ability to handle incoming jumbo rolls will let CPG companies order parent materials on larger rolls, reducing supply chain costs. During manufacturing, jumbo rolls of nonwovens and films converted by Web will allow longer manufacturing runtimes with few changeovers, increasing overall efficiency. These advantages, combined with Web’s other advanced converting and material management services, support consumer product companies looking to bring innovative new products into the marketplace faster or looking to extend the profitable lifespan of existing products by driving down production costs. 
The new capabilities are located at Web’s Fort Wayne facility, which already houses some of the world’s largest nonwoven and film-converting equipment. The Fort Wayne facility is also home to Web’s high-speed, wide-web flexographic printing services, which offer tight dimensional pattern registration and precision inline slitting on nonwoven materials as light as 10gms. This collocation of wide-width printing and large OD converting assets gives consumer product companies the option of having their component materials printed and slit and then spooled onto jumbo rolls under one roof, eliminating unnecessary manufacturing steps while reducing overall costs.
“The ability to handle 60-inch OD rolls is an exciting addition to our existing large-format, high-speed slitting, spooling, and printing portfolio, and it offers our customers the opportunity to increase their operational efficiencies,” says James Oas, director of operations-consumer products market. “A 60-inch roll contains 57 percent more material in area than a 48-inch roll, and this difference can have a huge positive impact on a client’s downstream manufacturing throughput.”
A pioneer in contract converting services, Web Industries is the world’s largest and most diverse provider of slitting, spooling and specialized traverse winding services, featuring the widest array of spooling heads and configurations in the business. Web has over four decades of experience working with nonwovens, films and papers, foils, custom laminates, and foams, and the company specializes in developing optimized flexible material processing solutions in-house that deliver formatted product onto custom-designed spools, planetary rolls, and pads for efficient, cost-effective product manufacturing.
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