Sun Chemical has released its 2014 Corporate Sustainability Report, which both details its continued data-driven metrics reporting and highlights specific examples of new eco-efficient products and services.

Sun Chemical’s latest sustainability report first focuses on its data-driven sustainability efforts by reporting the performance measurement for seven key sustainability metrics: energy consumption/conservation at production and non-production sites, the energy carbon footprint at the production sites, process waste reduction, water consumption, materials safety, and employee safety. 
“Our customers want to know that Sun Chemical is doing its part to be a sustainable organization. Providing meaningful data that will help meet their goals continues to be a key priority and emphasis in our sustainability reports,” says Gary Andrzejewski, Sun Chemical’s corporate vice president of environmental affairs. “In our newest report, we’re also showing many concrete examples of products and services we recently developed that can help our customers produce less waste and/or carbon dioxide while also improving their operational efficiency.”
The report highlights a variety of new Sun Chemical products and services that offer customers with potential eco-efficiency benefits, including: 
  • Its SunUno Solimax multi-purpose ink system for improved pressroom efficiency;
  • A series of inks which have been certified OK Compost Home and Industrial by the Vinçotte certification body;
  • SunBar oxygen barrier coatings for the lightweighting of packaging;
  • MirrorTech metallic inks as a foil replacement solution which reduces waste;
  • SunFast Elastomer Black pigments made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled rubber; 
  • All SunLit sheetfed vegetable oil-based printing inks which fulfill EU Eco-Label criteria; and
  • De-seamable shrink sleeve coatings which enables easier bottle recycling. 
“Our sustainability policy pushes us as a company to improve the eco-efficiency of our processes and products,” says Michel Vanhems, sustainability leader at Sun Chemical. “Product stewardship remains a major tenet of our policy in action. With the development of green procurement, eco-labeling, complex regulatory changes, and brand owners and retailers embracing sustainability criteria in supply chain selection, Sun Chemical is determined to be the inks, coatings and pigments partner of choice for today and future challenges.”