Erema North America Inc., a subsidiary of Erema Engineering Recycling Maschinen und Anlagen GmbH, has announced that due to high demand – especially in post consumer recycling – it will continue to expand in the U.S.

Further to this, Erema will be exhibiting an Intarema 1108 TVEplus with laserfilter  at the International Plastics Showcase from March 23-27 in Orlando, Fla. Additionally, the enhanced, fully automatic edge trim system Intarema 605 K for the in-house recycling sector – which is likewise of significance for the US market – will also be demonstrated live.

Expansion in the USA

To date, customers of Erema North America have had a trial cenrte already covering some 10,764 square feet of floor space and three recycling systems for trials at their disposal at the company's North America base in Ipswich, Mass. Due to the growing demand for Erema's global market leading recycling systems, especially in the post consumer segment, the company now plans to expand it even further to 2,400 m² and install a new system. This means that in future the North American market will have four demonstration systems stationed in Ipswich for customer trials. The new system will be an Intarema 1108 TVEplus with Laserfilter which will be joining the three existing plants: an Intarema 1108 T and Intarema 1108 TVEplus – each with EREMA melt filter SW RTF, plus an Intarema 605 K. The expansion of the trial centre will get underway in March 2015 and its completion is scheduled for late summer 2015.
The Erema North America trial center in Ipswich, Mass.
Mike Horrocks, ENA CEO, says: "Our North America base represents a major EREMA investment showing a strong commitment to North American customers. The facility is a valuable link to EREMA's global headquarters in Austria, allowing customers easy access to EREMA equipment, technical support and vast reservoir of knowledge derived from decades of plastics recycling throughout the world."

USA Records Increasing Demand for Postconsumer Recycling

Interest in the recycling of post consumer plastic waste is currently growing at a rapid pace in the U.S.The complex material mixtures, high degree of moisture and heavy contamination of the input materials call for the best and most reliable recycling systems. Erema offers the Intarema TVEplus system here which, thanks to the patented configuration of melt filtration with subsequent homogenisation Upstream of extruder degassing, plus the efficient laserfilter, enables you to make high-quality end products. The recently enhanced Erema laserfilter is particularly suitable for the processing of materials with a high degree of contaminants such as wood, paper, aluminium or copper and fulfils requirements which conventional melt filters cannot meet. With the new scraper geometry of the laserfilter, customers now have additional efficiency benefits such as longer screen service life and reduced labour requirements thanks to long screen change intervals.

Intarema TVEplus with Laserfilter for Postconsumer Recycling


Intarema K for In-house Recycling

Another Erema highlight at NPE 2015 will be the latest product innovation Intarema K, enabling visitors to see for themselves how intelligent in-house recycling solutions can maintain consistent end product quality while saving production and labour costs at the same time. The new, fully automatic processing system designed especially for the recycling of PE edge trim is the successor model of the previous KAG system which now features all the innovative technologies of the Intarema plant generation for further boosts to efficiency.
In-house recycling solutions for flexible plastic packaging are a core competency at Erema – some 2,000 of the over 4,000 Erema systems sold around the world operate in this application field. With this new boost to efficiency the enhanced INTAREMA® K system secures the continuation of the success of the in-house recycling application.

The New Intarema K system for Fully-automated Edge Trim Recycling

One of the key benefits of the new system is the direct feeding of the endless edge trim via piping and cyclone, which takes place automatically and offers maximum flexibility through possible combinations of cyclone, roller intake or conveyor belt, too. As a result, pre-cutting of the edge trim is not necessary. The fully automatic throughput adjustment to the actual amount of edge trim also ensures minimum labour requirements. This efficiency boost results in high-quality, clean pellets, up to 100 percent of which can be returned to the production process. Intarema K systems can thus be integrated not only in production lines but also installed externally as an offline system.
All Intarema systems feature the new Counter Current core technology for improved material intake and higher output capacity, the Smart Start system for extremely easy operation and a top degree of automation plus enhanced ecoSave technology for even lower energy costs.
Erema Plastic Recycling Systems