Toray Plastics Torayfan PWX5 BOPP filmToray Plastics (America) Inc. introduces its new Torayfan PWX5, a metallized BOPP film that is designed for use as a high-performance inner moisture- and oxygen-barrier web in gas-flushed applications.

One side of PWX5 film is vacuum-deposited aluminum on Toray's proprietary ultra-barrier layer, which produces a packaging film that has superior metal adhesion and a shiny appearance. The other side of the film has a stable coefficient of friction and is heat-sealable. Overall, PWX5 offers superior moisture-, aroma-, and flavor-barrier protection. In addition, its excellent barrier durability makes it the preferred choice for applications requiring an extended shelf life. New Torayfan PWX5 is ideally suited for the packaging of salty, flavorful snacks, cookies, crackers, biscuits, and confectionery items.
"The ongoing expansion of global distribution channels makes shelf life a primary concern of the CPG," says Kerri Boyens, product manager of the Torayfan Division. "PWX5 metallized BOPP film, with its barrier-protection capabilities, is the solution to a significant packaging challenge."
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