Multisorb Technologies ( has announced it will be exhibiting at the IFT Annual Meeting and Food Expo, July 22-24, 2014, in New Orleans, LA. The Expo brings together the industry's largest collection of food ingredient, equipment, processing, and packaging suppliers, giving individuals involved in food science and technology an opportunity to experience the latest products and technologies. Multisorb will be showcasing its suite of sorbent solutions.

Multisorb oxygen absorbers, desiccants, moisture regulators and other sorbent technologies work to extend product shelf life and keep food fresh by prohibiting oxidation; slowing aerobic microbial growth; and protecting color, flavor, aroma, and texture. Manufacturers and retailers concerned about their environmental impact find the extended shelf life achieved with Multisorb sorbents also contributes to a reduction in food waste. In addition, the use of these technologies can allow manufacturers to reduce or eliminate artificial preservatives and additives – the perfect solution for natural and organic products.

Each Multisorb sorbent is specially designed to the particular food and its packaging, creating an optimized solution. And with a variety of format options – packets, self-adhesive backed, cards, and films - there is sure to be a solution to fit every need.