If the web widths are 18 inches or less, centerline guiding can now be achieved using a single WideArray edge detector and the new Evo 150 web guide controller with DualEdge technology, both from AccuWeb. The web is automatically centered as web width varies or changes with each new run. The centerline position can also be easily adjusted electronically via the touchscreen HMI, AccuWeb’s remote point guide adjust station, or any of Evo 150’s communication protocols, including EtherNet/IP, ProfiNET. AccuWeb’s new DualEdge technology can be retrofit to existing lines or provided as a ready-to-run, out-of-the-box system with an AccuWeb steering guide. Now operators don’t have to waste time adjusting two edge detectors in order to achieve consistent, precision printing, coating, die-cutting or embossing of different web runs.


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