When developing packaging solutions for the cold food industry, it’s important to take note of some recent trends impacting how refrigerated and frozen foods are sold and displayed on store shelves.

Speaking to the consumer

Vibrant colors, easy-to-read ingredient labels and clear messaging are key takeaways when creating the next best packaging product. For example, SUPERVALU’S Wild Harvest private label brand unveiled a new, refreshed brand positioning, logo and packaging graphics to support its “Eat Free. Go Wild.” marketing campaign. As part of the brand refresh, Wild Harvest shifted to new “free from” messaging that addresses consumers’ desire for clearer ingredients statements.

General Mills introduced Yoplait Signature Collection, a series of runway-style yogurt cups designed by fashion designer Christopher Straub that “helps to find the personality in each flavor and bring it front and center.”

ARCTIC ZERO unveiled a vibrant new look to its Fit Frozen Desserts. The elevated packaging puts a spotlight on the brand’s premium ingredients and indulgent offerings, featuring a refreshed logo, updated flavor names, descriptions, hand-drawn illustrations, original typography and organic, earth-toned colors. 

Resealable solutions

For its part, Zip-Pak worked closely with Plastrela, a Brazil-based converter and supplier of the Inno-Lok closure system, to develop the Aurora packaging solution for C-Vale, a Brazil-based producer of frozen chicken nuggets. Zip-Pak Inno-Lok is a patented product and method for attaching reclosable fasteners transversely to packaging films, thereby producing a roll of pre-zippered film that can be used for products requiring either barrier or non-barrier packaging. In this particular case, the Inno-Lok system was chosen for its ability to meet stringent moisture and oxygen barrier requirements needed to preserve product freshness and flavor.

Meanwhile, Clear Lam Packaging, Inc. worked with Stonyfield to develop special packaging films for a new yogurt pouch for the YoBaby, YoTot andYoKids brands, sold in the refrigerated aisle. Designed for consumer convenience, the new yogurt pouch packaging films are used to assemble a pouch with a fitment on a horizontal form-fill-seal machine. The film material supports a 60-day refrigerated shelf life, runs on high-speed processing equipment and absorbs distribution abuse. The material’s stiffness also helps the finished package stand up straight on store shelves for better merchandising. The resealable cap provides convenience and portion control to help reduce food waste and provides consumers with a reliable packaging solution for on-the-go consumption.

Comexi Group, a flexible packaging supplier, Inplacsa, a flexographic printing manufacturer and Maheso, a frozen food processor, teamed up to create a more solventless packaging for Maheso’s Pop Nuggets. This sustainable packaging solution offers a plethora of benefits, including reduction in environmental impact, greater energy efficiency, high quality, greater production flexibility, quicker response/time-to-market and lower cost of lithographic plates.

Portion control vs. all-you-can eat

Jarlsberg Cheese elevated to grab-and-go snack sizes with its new 20-gram, portion-sized Jarlsberg Cheese Minis.

However, while some processors downsized their products, others upgraded the portion size to fit families of all sizes.

Michael Angelo’s Gourmet Foods, for instance, launched five new sizes of their 100% natural meals. The new packaging lineup includes Meat Lasagna, available in 46- and 80-ounce packages, Baked Ziti with Meatballs in 44-ounce packages and Eggplant Parmesan in 44- and 80-ounce packages.

Stackable packaging

In May 2014, Kraft Foods introduced new stackable packaging for its PHILADELPHIA cream cheese spread. The stackable shape prevents the product from shifting on store shelves, making it easier for consumers to find their favorite varieties without having to turn the labels around.

Whether it’s speaking to the consumer or offering an easier-to-open-and-close solution, today’s packaging development are transforming the way refrigerated and frozen foods are sold on store shelves.

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