Wine is often associated with a celebration or a special occasion. And while that is sometimes the case, other times we just want a glass of wine after a long day to unwind. And today’s wine packages help us do that better and keep the wine fresher, longer.

Bag-in-box applications may have had a negative association to them some years back but that just isn’t the case anymore. More wines (and premium ones at that) are rolling out in this classic format for many reasons. The packaging keeps the wine at its freshest after opening, preventing light and oxygen from disturbing the wine’s qualities. In addition, this format allows consumers to enjoy a glass a day over the course of a few weeks, instead of having to consume the opened bottle within a few days.

2012 Bartlett Special EditionAndegavia has launched its cask wine packaging with contemporary and clean designs to appeal to both genders and any age group looking for a convenient wine enjoying experience. The wine package is 100% recyclable, equivalent to four 750ml wine bottles and lasts for four weeks. Tailored in sleek red, white and gold, Andegavia comes packaged in an octagon shape with two extended edges, creating an abstract and compact design. The faces of the cask are embellished with white and gold rampant lions; a nod to the lion’s rank in historic heraldry.

Another bag-in-box package has launched and this one features a bright, clean and fun design to mirror the bright and cheerful contents. Beso Del Sol is premium, 100% natural sangria in a bag-in-the-box application.

Hans Christian Holst, CEO of Arctic Beverage, LLC, says, “The sangria category is extremely popular right now. Suppliers and accounts are doing very well with the brand and asked for this offering. Our goal with Beso del Sol is to continue to innovate the category while delivering profitable margins for the supply chain and keeping prices attractive for consumers.”

Each 3L box of sangria is equivalent to four traditional 750ml bottles. The technology used in the packaging ensures that the wine will remain fresh for up to six weeks after opening. Additionally, the durable box makes it easy to stack and store – a plus for retailers and restaurants.

Today’s wine packaging must be a win-win for packagers and consumers alike. The traditional glass bottle still has its place on store shelves, but it better make room for the new guy- the bag-in-box is here to stay. See more beverage packaging and processing ideas and technology at this fall’s PROCESS EXPO.