Terphane announced the launch of a new resealable film under the SEALPHANE brand. This new PET film aims to address a growing demand for resealable, tamper evident, multi-use lidding solutions.

“Our SEALPHANE RESEAL film is the result of extensive research and development. Using our highly advanced technology, in conjunction with Bostik’s excellent R&D team, we created a PET film that has the ability to peel and reseal multiple times while maintaining strong adhesive force,” explains Marcos Vieira, Global R&D director of Terphane.

“The real breakthrough of SEALPHANE RESEAL film is that it eliminates the need to label, laser score or buy any tooling to provide a die cut package,” says Veira. “Our technological leap saves time, money and the risk of capital obsolescence if the tray, or container, changes in the future. In other words, any tray using a lid can change to SEALPHANE RESEAL, with no cost, simply by changing the current roll to our material; instantly, you have a resealable package.

“Offering a wide seal range, SEALPHANE RESEAL is a transparent film with excellent thermal stability and mechanical properties that seals to many different substrates while providing excellent barrier to gas, water vapor, and aromas. Terphane’s approach provides full access to the contents of the package and not just through the die cut aperture,” adds Vieira.

“SEALPHANE films offer brand owners the advantage of tamper-evident packaging, longer and easier product storage, lower transportation costs and easier disposal of material,” states Vieira. All Terphane films are polyester (number “One” recycle code) showing high-quality performance in converting processes such as lamination, printing, and micro or macro perforation.

The continued conversion from rigid containers or clamshells to lightweight, flexible packaging drastically reduces environmental impact. “Flexible packaging manufacturers are leading the discussion about sustainable packaging. Terphane’s advanced technology and global supply network have made it possible to turn these discussions into actionable results. We are proud to say that flexible packaging is today’s perfect choice for a sustainable solution in the Market,” states Vieira.

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