With 19 factories across 10 countries, RETAL provides a wide range of plastic packaging solutions. Its Lithuanian factory saw an opportunity to improve its efficiencies by implementing planning and scheduling, trim optimization and manufacturing execution system software.

“Our company has experienced considerable growth in recent years” explains Viktorija Grižienė, General Manager of RETAL Baltic. “Investing in Greycon solutions makes perfect sense as we are expanding production to a new APET film-line this year and we wanted to cooperate with an established IT team.”

“One particular challenge we had to overcome was the IT project had to be carried out alongside the construction and commissioning of the new production line,” Grižienė states. “A huge thank you must go to our team members, as well as the Greycon consulting team who made all of this possible.”

To achieve RETAL’s objectives, Greycon delivered its planning and scheduling solution, opt-Studio; its trim optimization software, X-Trim; and its MES solution, GreyconMill. Greycon has developed these products especially for film production, with opt-Studio offering the possibility to continuously control and optimize production efficiencies.

“This IT project is part of a global enterprise digitization program which introduces and enables new, or improved, approaches for border-less communication and collaboration,” adds RETAL CTO, Vykintas Arlauskas. “Further to the implementation, we have gained even greater control of our business processes, analysing data, automating decision making, while continuously improving efficiencies.”

“Thanks to the good IT infrastructure of all partners involved, the project could largely be carried out remotely, even under the influence of the COVID-19 situation,” explains Markus Rintelen of Greycon. “RETAL’s IT personnel, alongside Greycon, were optimally prepared for the unusual situation thanks to the internationally operating teams, both in project implementation and on-going support.”

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