Toppan Printing (Toppan), a global communication, security, packaging, décor materials, and electronics solutions provider, has developed a high-strength adhesive for digital printing. TOPMER is suitable for retort sterilization, boiling sterilization and heating in microwave ovens and expands applications for packages employing digital printing — reportedly enabling high-value-added products to meet the needs of consumers in the food, toiletries and cosmetics sectors.

TOPMER is a high-strength adhesive that can be used for lamination on conventional general-purpose machinery. In addition to packaging that undergoes retort sterilization, digital printing can also be applied to packages for boiling sterilization and microwave heating, which previously has not possible. Toppan reports it improved resistance to heat and water, meaning packages are suitable for retort sterilization at 130℃ for 30 minutes and can withstand boiling sterilization over long periods.

Toppan announced “SOCIAL-VALUE Packaging,” part of the “TOPPAN S-VALUE Packaging” range targeting added value for society and fulfilling living. The SOCIAL-VALUE lineup includes the Toppan FP Digital Solution, which launched in 2016 to provide flexible packaging optimized for multiple product types in small lots in response to the evolution of market needs from traditional mass production. Toppan FP Digital Solution also addresses the increasing number of roles packages are expected to fulfill to enhance differentiation in stores.

Toppan says the COVID-19 pandemic has changed consumer attitudes, driving growth of markets related to home cooking, pre-prepared foods, take-out and delivery and increasing demand for products that can be prepared simply and quickly.

Digital printing makes it possible to apply original designs to small lots, eliminating the need to affix labels to ready-made plain pouches and helping to alleviate labor shortages. In contrast to conventional mass production methods for printing on flexible packaging, cylinders are not necessary, allowing multiple design variations to be created for the same package.

Toppan says it has applied its information processing technologies to achieve quality equivalent to that of gravure printing and enable the production of packages that stand out in stores. The technology also facilitates test marketing, limited edition package ranges and a host of other possibilities, while the ability to produce only the required quantity of a given package can prevent excess inventory and contribute to more eco-friendly solutions that help reduce waste and loss.

“Digital printing of flexible packaging opens up an array of possibilities,” says Masafumi Horiuchi, development manager in Toppan’s Packaging Solutions business. “The development of the TOPMER adhesive now enables us to extend that even further by expanding the scope of applications in response to the needs of our clients and today’s consumers.”

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