Domino Amjet ( introduces a microsite specifically for digital printing solutions.  This new microsite, has been created to focus on products, videos and case studies from Domino’s new and exciting breadth of innovative technology that include the Domino N600i digital color label press, Domino K600i UV ink jet printer, Domino Bitjet solvent-based ink jet printer, and the Domino Editor GT controller.

“We wanted to create a microsite that is 100% dedicated to Domino’s digital printing solutions, where a repository for PDFs of literature, links to case studies, and clicks to videos that feature new products and customer testimonial success stories would be located all-in-one place and easily accessible 24/7,” says Bill Myers, marketing manager at Domino. The microsite provides that platform.

“We also wanted to convey the theme of ‘SPEED’ because that’s the common denominator between our diverse digital products. Speed translates to greater productivity and throughput, generating more revenue and profits for our customers,” says Myers.

 To illustrate, Domino customers share their success stories as you are taken on a virtual visit to their facility. You’ll see and hear first-hand from label printer/converters, printing/mailing houses, and packaging material manufacturer/converters the challenges they faced, the solution, and their satisfaction with issues that most companies can relate to…such as the need to DECREASE make-ready time, waste, maintenance, costs, manual intervention and INCREASE uptime, productivity, and generate new business. It hits home and brings it to life.

“At the end of the day, it’s all about education. The more quickly and easily a prospect learns and understands who we are, what we do, why and how we are different and better, the sooner they will become a Domino customer,” says Myers

Visitors to Domino’s new microsite will recognize companies featured such as label printer/converters Repacorp (Tipp City, OH) and The Label Printers (Aurora, IL), large printing/mailing house John Roberts Company (Minneapolis, MN), and packaging material suppliers Emerald Packaging (Union City, CA) and Cool-Pak (Oxnard, CA)… with more to be featured!

Any company thinking about adding a digital printing solution to their operation needs to visit Domino’s new digital printing microsite to watch these videos, read the case studies, download the literature and learn more about the solid solution that Domino provides.