Tres Picosos, which translates to mean “Three Hotties,” is an authentic Mexican burrito company owned by president Jane Hartgrove. In this interview, we talk with Hartgrove about the company’s new packaging for its handmade, rolled and wrapped burritos and current design trends in the industry.



A National Burrito Company’s New Packaging
This episode is an interview with Jane Hartgrove, owner of the authentic Mexican burrito company called Tres Picosos, which translates to “Three Hotties”. In this interview, we learn more about Tres Picosos, the new packaging for its hand wrapped burritos and design trends in the industry.


The updated burrito packaging reflects sustainability trends with its earth tones and unbleached brown craft paper. The label not only represents the brand and key information but also seals the package.

“Our primary channels are convenience stores, travel plazas, hospitals, universities, airports — anything nontraditional. In order to stick out among those segments, we wanted it to be a level above,” says Hartgrove. “I picked the design that I thought worked best to embody the nature of Tres Picosos' quality, deliciousness and authenticity of old school Mexican food.”