Fifty50 Foods, the company that designed specialty foods for people living with diabetes, reveals new packaging prominently featuring its brand slogan "Eat Well, Feel Good" to underscore the company's commitment to helping consumers benefit from a low-glycemic diet. The company will also continue its 26-year legacy of donating half of its profits to diabetes research, which so far totals more than $14 million.

"Based on shopper and retailer insights, we felt it was the right time to showcase how our great-tasting products meet the personal wellbeing objectives not only for people with diabetes but also those who want to live a low-glycemic lifestyle," says Julie Frost, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Fifty50 Foods.

Fifty50 Foods has the industry's most extensive variety of certified low-glycemic foods ranging from peanut butters and fruit spreads to candies and cookies to breakfast items like syrup and oatmeal to baking items like pie crust and crystalline fructose. The brand's food items contain carbs that rank lower on the Glycemic Index (GI) so they are digested slower and won't cause dramatic blood sugar fluctuations, helping to keep energy levels steadier.

"In 1991, when we first committed to donating half of our profits to help prevent, treat and cure diabetes, it was not as common as it is today to find companies that make significant financial contributions to charities and social causes," says Frost. "We are proud of the fact that we were an early trailblazer in this area."

The company has given more than $8 million to date to JDRF, the leading global organization funding type 1 diabetes (T1D) research. "Fifty50 Foods is helping us realize our goal of living in a world without T1D," says Melissa Newman, Ph.D., Executive Director, Southwest Ohio Chapter, JDRF. "Every dollar we put towards research comes from donations and we are grateful for their support so we can continue to advance our mission and find a cure."

Fifty50 Foods' products are available for purchase at, on Amazon, iHerb and MyBrands and at local grocers across the U.S.