Amcor introduced ACT2100 heat seal coating for medical grade DuPont Tyvek and paper packaging applications. This next generation coating technology delivers enhanced performance features for healthcare applications and will be produced in multiple locations worldwide to offer customers the flexibility to receive supply from the most suitable location for the manufacturing and packaging of their devices.

“We are thrilled to introduce ACT2100 after two years of research and development,” says Amcor Healthcare Packaging Rollstock product manager, Ryan Brunk. “Our engineers have made great strides to respond to the evolving requests of our healthcare customers with ACT2100. We’re particularly pleased to manufacture this product in multiple sites across the globe creating a simpler supply chain and supporting our customers with stronger business continuity options.”

Amcor says customers choosing ACT2100 will benefit from the solution’s broader seal range in combination with many materials, which allows for a wider operating window in customers’ manufacturing operations, as well as enhanced seal strength for more robust package integrity through distribution.

Consumers can reportedly utilize speedier ethylene oxide sterilization cycles due to the material’s improved porosity, a fiber-free peel, and a bright, white adhesive that does not yellow. In addition, documentation and data will be available to support healthcare packaging regulatory requirements in all regulated markets.

All Amcor paper and Tyvek adhesive products are available with a wide range of companion materials. ACT2100 heat seal adhesive will be added to Amcor’s existing portfolio of well-known, high-performance Tyvek adhesives including CR27 and SBP2000 heat seal coatings. This allows customers to choose to leverage historic validations with legacy products or use ACT2100 for newer requirements.

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