Oracle Packaging (, a leading provider of flexible packaging solutions for the healthcare, consumer, tobacco and industrial sectors, offers flow wraps for the secure packaging of pharmaceutical and personal care products in both horizontal and vertical form-fill-seal applications. The flow wrap laminates are ideal for high-speed applications, offering excellent machinability and seal integrity with multiple available sealants.

Oracle Packaging’s flow wraps are suitable for wet or dry products and provide an excellent range of moisture and oxygen barriers. The laminates can be printed in up to 10 colors, offer weld- or peel-seal options, and are available in matte or glossy coated finishes.

The laminate is comprised of PET/Ink/Adhesive/Sealant, features a natural or white sealant, and can be printed on both sides.

“Our form-fill-seal flow wrap offers an ideal combination of product protection and production speed,” says Andrew Starr, director of Oracle Packaging. “It is one of many superior products Oracle Packaging offers as a prominent manufacturer of flexible laminate packaging to leading healthcare and personal care companies.”