Primera Technology, Inc. has released a new Lamination Mode feature for its LX610 Color Label Printer. Lamination Mode is now a selection in the printer’s PrintHub status monitor.

The company describes the process as:

  1. In PrintHub, select “Laminate Mode”;
  2. Send a print/cut file to the printer as usual;
  3. The printer prints the image, feeds it out the front of the printer and stops;
  4. Apply an optically clear, 4-mil polyester laminate patch by hand;
  5. Push any button on the control panel to pull the printed image back into the cutter;
  6. The now-laminated image is cut to size and shape — any shape — with the built-in X/Y cutting blade;
  7. Label dispenses out the front and can then be cut and stacked into individual, laminated, custom-cut sheets.

Lamination is ideal for labels that must be waterproof, not just water-resistant. Some of these applications include labels for cosmetics and bath products, wine, beer, distilled spirits, juices, shampoos, window decals, bumper stickers, signs and more.

Primera’s dye and pigment inks are designed to work equally well with lamination film. Pigment ink with a synthetic label substrate is recommended for outdoor applications where labels are exposed to water and UV light. Initially, Primera will offer glossy lamination film. Later, in Q3 2021, a matte-finish clear laminate is also expected to be available.

“Laminate Mode for LX610 is another example of how Primera continues to innovate in the color label printer market,” says Mark D. Strobel, Primera’s vice president of sales and marketing. “LX610 was already the world’s first and only all-in-one printer/plotter cutter machine for the desktop. Now, it adds clear lamination to the capabilities of this highly versatile machine.”

Laminate Mode is available now by downloading updated firmware and PrintHub software from Primera’s website. The updates are located at All existing LX610 users, including those located in EMEA countries using LX610e, can download and utilize the new Laminate Mode feature.

A demonstration can be seen here:


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