At Pack Expo Las Vegas, Enercon introduced the new All-in-One sealing head, now compatible with the Super Seal 300, 400 and 600-induction cap sealer.

For packagers sealing a wide range of containers, Enercon’s All-in-One sealing head design reportedly offers flexibility, allowing operators to optimize the induction field to achieve a perfect seal across an entire production range.

“Our prior All-in-One sealing head, while effective, relied on operators to pivot the sealing head into the correct position. To eliminate confusion, Enercon adopted its ingenious design used on our more advanced sealing systems,” says Enercon vice president of sales, Ryan Schuelke.

The new All-in-One Sealing head simplifies the set-up process, allowing operators to use a positive locking mechanism and easy-to-read label to set the sealing head position correctly. The system is ideal for sealing a wide range of cap sizes up to 120mm.

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