ProAmpac, a global leader in flexible packaging and material science, recently launched its second annual Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Impact report, Leading From the Front.

The report highlights that ProAmpac has met its goal of making available a sustainable packaging attribute for 100% of its products. In addition, they continue to fund and advance material science in conjunction with their network of global university partnerships, aiding in the delivery and development of important technology advancements.

“ProAmpac’s commitment to developing new and innovative products, our focus on sustainability, and our investments in our manufacturing and employees are successful strategies that we continue to build. This focus has allowed us to meet our ESG goal of making available a sustainable attribute for 100% of our products,” stated Greg Tucker, Founder & CEO of ProAmpac.

Offering sustainable packaging solutions that support the circular economy is part of ProAmpac’s commitment to environmental responsibility. Their next objective is to expand their sustainable portfolio and accelerate the commercialization and adoption of these innovative products to help companies worldwide meet their sustainable packaging goals.

“As a steward of the environment, we are expanding our ProActive Sustainability portfolio and introducing our active and intelligent packaging offering, ProActive Intelligence,” added Tucker. “We will continue to provide technology without sacrificing performance to help our customers achieve their sustainable packaging goals.”

ProAmpac is dedicated to making a lasting difference in the packaging industry and contributing to a more sustainable planet through continued investment in research and development, proactive customer engagement, and the promotion of sustainable practices.

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