PAC Machinery (PAC) introduces the CLAMCO 6800CS-HS CONTINUOUS BOX MOTION SIDE SEALER, a high speed continuous motion automatic side sealing system that excels at shrink wrapping products of varying lengths, while maintaining an impressive speed. 

The 6800CS-HS can package products up to 16” wide with unlimited lengths, much faster than PAC’s standard side sealer. Newly added features to this model make this machine an outstanding value in comparison to other side sealers for shrink wrapping applications. It excels in accommodating products of varying lengths while maintaining an impressive speed.   

“Continuous motion side sealers are a large and important part of the shrink wrapping market," said Greg Berguig, Vice President, PAC Machinery. 

“6800CS-HS is our model for this market, which exposes PAC to a wider range of customers who require higher speeds when shrink wrapping,” Berguig added. “We are entering at a good price point and value with an all-electric model that requires no compressed air, making it easy to place anywhere in a facility, with fewer maintenance needs.”

6800CS-HS is ready to ship within weeks, making it ideal for companies who need to replace aging side sealer equipment quickly. PAC offers the 6800CS-HS as a complete system when paired with an infeed conveyor feeding device and shrink tunnel like the Clamco 4Tx2 extended length heat shrink tunnel.

The CLAMCO 6800CS-HS CONTINUOUS BOX MOTION SIDE SEALER measures 110" L x 75" W x 65" H and comes with a two-year warranty. Two days of on-site start-up and training are included. 

The machine electrical is 220V, 3Ph, 23 amp. As with any machine, maximum speeds are determined by the product being packaged, but this packaging machine can wrap up to 120 packages per minute. As a comprehensive packaging system, the 6800CS-HS integrates seamlessly into a packaging line, especially with Industry 4.0 compliance, ensuring superior results and high output!

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